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Visibility & Optimization Services

Aggregate solutions for Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Traffic Increment.

  •   Reputation Management
  •   SEO
  •   Paid Advertising Campaigns
  •   SMO & Behavioral Targeting
  •   Traffic & Web Analytics
  •   Link Building
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Ranking & Visibility Optimization Services

Ranking and Visibility Optimization services are intended to optimize the search conversion rates for your website via organic search results. It is a great way to market your website and earn revenue in return through display-ads services on your website. A product website with optimized organic ranking can dramatically heighten the sales of the product, thereby raising RoI. Content Marketing is also now becoming an integrated process of visibility and ranking optimization. Maynor Technologies offer visibility optimization services for websites which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO)and other allied services such as Reputation Management for Organization/ Brand/ Celebrity & enhancing social presence to running Paid Advertising Campaigns for our clients (PPC, Social Media Ad Campaigns, among others).

Just as it is important to posit what we do, it is equally, or perhaps more important to list what we do not do. WE DO NOT:

  •   Buy Backlinks - We do not buy backlinks from unreputable firms. We do not input automated backlinks to your website just to increase hit-rates.
  •   Do Keyword Stuffing/ SEO targeted Copywriting - We only do genuine ad-Copywriting to generate true traffic, we do not prefer using mis-spells or other unnatural text to increase click-rates.
  •   Use Automated Scripts/ Tools - We do not use bot-style automated scripts or software tools. We channelize our energy, rather in contextual audience targeting.

In brief, we do not use any black hat or so-called underground techniques that are against Google's rules and which eventually can result in penalization or worse blacklisting of your website. End, for us, does not justify dubious means.

We do extensive research on your website/ product or service (if it is a product/ service based website), your history, forward strategy, and competition. We then design and strategize the marketing plan, list the target audience, perform horizontal and vertical keyword research for your niche, offer edits in website (if needed), and then work on real optimization process, which can vary from client to client. We guarantee genuine leads and higher conversion rates.

Our services include:
  • Search Engine Optimization

    •   Keyword Research
    •   Organic Website Exposure
    •   Prevention from Penalty Prone Mistakes
    •   Website re-Design with Meta-tags Input
    •   Domain re-Structuring
    •   Monetization
  • Social Media Optimization

    •   Launch Social Presence on all major Social Networking Sites
    •   Social Media Plug-in Development & Integration
    •   Content Development for Social Media
    •   Creating eye-catching Pages/ Profiles on Social Media
  • Paid Advertising

    •   Running & Managing PPC & other ad-Campaigns
    •   Generating enormous traffic with planned demographic targeting
    •   Budget Optimization & RoI Enhancement
    •   Generating High Conversion Rates
  • Reputation Management

    •   Developing & Managing Web Presence for Celebrities/ Politicians/ Public Figures
    •   Web Crisis Management
    •   Creating & Managing Brand/ Product Profiles.
  • Content Marketing

    •   Genuine Traffic using Innovative Content
    •   Ghost/ Guest Blogging
    •   Content Outreach using Web and e-Mail Marketing
  • e-Mail Marketing

    Newsletter and e-Mail List setup. Periodical send outs with highest Inbox rates

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