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Branding & Logo Design

  • Branding

    In the overcrowded market of competitors, it is vital for your company to have a identity of its own, for your brand to stand out. We offer creative services in branding for companies of all sizes and shapes and help them build engaging identity and brand collateral.

  • Logo Design

    Your Logo is your concise visual identity. As a part of organisation's identity, We offer highly creative and innovative solutions in Logo Design, Logo Restructuring and Logo Retouching.

Highly Creative One-Stop Branding Solutions

We house a team of designers that work with sheer dedication to bring up high quality designs for clients that come to us for branding. We have a satisfied clientele and we proudly put our services as offer at this website for prospective clients. Corporate identity design has logo design and branding as its sub-divisions, why sub-divisions have been created is due to the fact that many clients intend for a particular selection of services from us. Sometimes it is as limited as simply designing a trademark, other times it goes to the extent of complete branding that involves designing work related accessories with defining trademark on each of them.

Our philosophy behind branding is quite simple. At all times, maintain simplicity and deliver the utmost via it. Everything that is a constituent of a logo speaks of itself. Every shape and color holds a meaning and nothing is abstract or weird. Since everything that has been put there call for a purpose, a logo as a whole must speak of company’s motto or for the reason company is alive. In other words, logo must advertise or promote the work culture of company. Now to shape this idea effectively are group of minds with apt intellect and skill is vital. At Maynor consulting, there has never been a dearth of adept personnel.

Our service packages for branding and logo design are highly customizable and so there is literally no fixed cost value of a package but only of constituents. Once a complete quotation has been laid out and accepted by both side, begins the service of the delivering the promise. Post delivery, the very department that built the brand graphics open gates for maintenance. If the client wishes for modifications in the graphics then suggestions are promptly presented.

Unless we the client achieves a stage of satisfaction we do not achieve ours. Our clients get delivered with life time membership for any further modifications required in the branding endeavors after establishment of client’s relationship with team at Maynor Creatives. This, to state again is not only limited to logos but branches of branding which includes, designing office stationery, employee wearables and other stuff that shall hold the hallmark of company as demanded by the client. Our logo and brand designing services are unique and cost-effective. All you branding needs, can find gratification through our hands.
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