Our Services - Digital Forensic Services

Digital Fornsics Solutions

  • Cyberspace Security Solutions

    We offer specialized services in Cyberspace Security, Network Security, e-Mail Security, Intrusion Detection, Cyber Security Incident Response and Penetration Testing.

  • Mobile, Digital Media & Computer Forensics

    Expert solutions in wide range of forensic services - Digital Media Recovery, Cell/ Smartphone/ Tablet/ Mobile Forensics, Database Forensics, Evidence Analysis, Corporate Security Solutions, Software & Application Security among others.

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Strong Digital Security Solutions

Digital Forensics is the umbrella term for the science of gathering and analysis of digital evidence or information from electronic devices. Computer and Network Security is the panoptic term for Cyberspace Security, System Security, Database Security, Network Security, e-Mail Security, Data-theft immunity and prevention from malicious attacks.

Maynor Technologies offer strong solutions in digital forensics and digital crime prevention. With our security team equipped with state-of-the-art labs, we tackle a wide range of security related challanges from intelligence gathering and data recovery services to digital forensic investigation and ethical hacking.

The general worry of most clients today is about data safety and identity protection, but the designers and developers of software and web applications do not have the expertise to hack-proof a website or software application. We, at Maynor Technologies also offer penetration testing services for enterprise systems, both web-based and offline. Our dedicated team ensures confirms QoS of your software applications and websites. We, after years of research, have developed indigenous testing and analysis tools for practicing our services and also to ensure total robustness and reliability.

We offer our services in:
  • Penetration Testing

    •   Web Penetration Testing
    •   Software/ Mobile Application Penetration                 Testing
    •   Data Leak Testing & Rebounding Analysis
    •   Vulnerability Assessment
  • Digital Forensic Services

    •   e-Mail Forensics
    •   Data Recovery Solutions
    •   Data Gathering, Assessment & Analysis
    •   Post Disaster Data Recovery
    •   Smartphone/ Hand-held Device Forensics
    •   Post Disaster Data Recovery
    •   Root Cause Analysis
    •   Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering
  • Cyberspace Security Services

    •   e-Mail Recovery from Servers
    •   Behavioral Tracking & Target Profiling
    •   Protection Against Cyber Attacks
    •   Host & Network Analysis
    •   Auditing & Monitoring
    •   Cyber Security Consultation Services
  • Corporate & Enterprise Security

    •   Attack Readiness
    •   Honeypot Strategy & Design
    •   Cyber Incidence Response
    •   Safety of Intellectual Property
    •   Designing & Developing Safe Digital Vaults