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Maynor Advertising Services

Maynor Consultings specializes in strategic advertisement and promotion of our client's products and services to specific target markets. We offer advertising and marketing services in:

  •   Print Media
  •   Digital Media
  •   E-Mail Marketing
  •   SMS Marketing
  •   Marketing Consultancy
  •   Publication Design
  •   Link Building
  •   Reputation Management
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Resistless & Original Advertising Solutions for Your Organisation

Advertising is a changing domain. If you halt showcasing your products and services, you will stop getting the response for your product or service as people will vaguely remember it if not forget about it altogether.

In today’s digital world, it’s easy, & important, to build firm brands. We take holistic communications strategy to create an amalgamated and sustainable image for the brand that it incorporates all communications activities – such as public relations, advertising, positioning, branding and to take care of your most valued asset. i.e your brand.

Maynor Creatives are one of the leading independent full service advertising agency with capabilities and a significant reputation built over time. We provide advertising, design, media planning and public relations services. In all this diversity our core percept is to focus on clients’ strong suit, positive imputes and competitive edges; build a typical and believable corporate entity and personality; maximize the fruit.

Our art in strategy and positioning is widely noticed, we’re evenly competent in creating logos, other assemblage that specifies corporate identity, making the justly rhetorical pick in communications and creating virtual templates for future efforts.

We believe that creativity makes us stand different in our styles; it’s our focus on facts, simplicity and relevancy. That's why we're prospering in our work. We consider all aspects before making recommendations, while maintaining the budget, as good ideas needn't cost a fortune.

At Maynor, we don't just rely on formal wisdom. We pay heed & take time to understand the clients' business and goals and then we deliver in the most effective way using knowledge and experience of our experts.

Our work is qualified by a purpose to excel in our mission; creating competitive reward for our clients, raising their brand values and enhancing client’s equity.

We offer comprehensive services in advertising and marketing domain: