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Services We Render

The world has now become a “Digital Bazaar”. In order to survive in this competitive digital business environment, almost all the businesses have marked their online presence and quality content writing plays a vital role in achieving this digital transcendence.

Expansion of online business hinges much on responsive website. It is important that your website imply absolute content to derive customers interest & they visit it time & again, which eventually converts into sales. Furthermore, an original and compelling content is an indispensable part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO process. Well written quality content entails relevant keywords that make the site SEO friendly, which in turn, is imperative to improve the ranking of a website on popular search engines. With good quality content, businesses can ensure delivery of desired message to the target audience, and further, maintain uniformity and consistency in all communications across all medium such as blogs, press release and sales email. In essence, quality content writing is paramount while communicating with online audience.

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In the era of ever growing competition smart advertising has become the key to get your business ahead. Advertisements every time represent your face to the world with all that you have to offer. Our team at Maynor Consulting work hard with best strategies and ideas that have been designed to compete in the contemporary market.

There are numerous possibilities to how can your business be advertised across the web world. What is needed is the right prescripts by the power and virtue of which you are projected.

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From an idea to invention, from concept to concrete, product designing involves a number of stages where every stage accounts for shaping considering the units of the entire skeleton. The outlook is as important as the insides. What the product is going to is not only related to what makers would want it to be but also what users would expect. Hence numerous factors determine a product design.

At Maynor Consulting, every perspective, every dimension and every aspect are considered with discretion. We offer comprehensive solutions in Product Design, Product Marketing Development and Deployment, Logo Design, Branding, Corporate Identity Development, Product Identity Development, 3D Modeling, and CAD Design, among others. Team Maynor has provided many firms with product design suggestions and ideas for coming up better products that account for longer sustainability in future. Saving a product from being dropped by the market or predicting if a product in market currently will give any return, is an additional part of product design services offered by us. Get a quote from about innovative product design services.

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Maynor Technologies offer a host of services in technology development. We're a web and software solutions company that has been working in various business verticals over the years and providing cutting-edge solutions that address every type of business needs of our clients. Our portfolio of Development Solutions runs deep and we house amazing developer teams in Software Development, Web Development and Design, Mobile App Development, e-Commerce Solutions, Plug-in Development and e-Commerce Solutions.

Data and Network Security has hogged the limelight constantly for some years now. It is a daily news for some celebrity or public figure to become a victim of hacking and digital intrusion related crimes. If you are a software or a web development company, you're responsible for the safety of your client's data. It is imperative that you make your application/ websites secure so as to build a robust, reliable and unbreachable systems. The problem is there is serious dearth of data security professionals today.

Maynor Technologies offer Digital Forensics and Data Security Services. We're pioneers in our domain with a very experienced team of professionals working with indigenous and cutting edge tools developed at our R&D Centre. We tackle a wide range of security related challanges from intelligence gathering and data recovery services to digital forensic investigation and ethical hacking.

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Acquiring skilled personnel is quite a task given today’s market conditions. Finding adept people who will determine future of a company and act as a vital constituent is no less than a fierce hunt. Team Maynor has always endeavored in science of searching and delivering manpower that will strength the strength of a company which actually is a cumulation innovation and invention. If every unit of workforce for a company can contribute to growth, then company as whole is bound to stem positive.

Maynor Consulting specialize in recruitment services as they form the early days of the company after which it successfully ventured into other domains. Maynor has supplied many startups and established firms with reliable and powerful manpower support. Our cost-effective services are only aimed at making client feel comfortable at all stages of recruitment be it pre-selection or post selection or rejection. We believe that after a company has enrolled in a candidate or a group of candidates, then our responsibility towards it becomes even heavier since it is time when our actually productivity is evaluated. Therefore re-filling of a vacancy, gaining the trust and providing more and more skilful workforce makes up for one of the strongest values held by us.

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SEO is an art and we at Maynor Technologies are less of technocrats and more of artists. With ever changin ranking algorithms, organisations need to keep changing and tweaking their website or content accordingly except that it is a wide arena of knowledge and not everyone possesses the skills and experience to rank their website on top.

Maynor Technologies offer best and affordable services with suitable Search Engine Optimization strategy. Our process is Ethical, Organic Growth Based Model to increase the visibility of your website and optimize your Search Engine Ranking on most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, et. al. We combine the best of SMO and SEO to evidently optimize your online presence and increase effective conversion rates.

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Why you should choose Maynor? Because You're in Control & We're great to work with!

We are adept in what we do

Maynor Consulting is a family of highly energized experienced professionals and we take pride in our thoughtful approach of delivering best results. Our skilled team analyses the demand of our client quickly & accordingly draft a tailor made solution to their respective need. The process is hassle free, totally unlike what you might experience elsewhere. Our experience is our strength. We understand your needs, we know what works and what doesn't. For instance, it's one thing to get a design, but it's other to know what will work and where. We know that crucial difference.

Our reputation for exceeding the highest quality standards in precision parts machining is precisely why our customers choose us, and choose to stay with us.

Expert Solutions, Brilliant Results.

We are specialists not generalist, and we harbor years of experience and a wide repository of knowledge in services we offer. Our staff is committed to help you and your business grow and we're happy to help you reach your goals.

Our consultation, design and IT services maintain extremely high standards. We don't offer make-shift solutions, our USP is our Quality and Reliability. Our research team does heavy work to understand your needs, your brand and your company, and offer best custom solutions accordingly. We understand that one-size fits all approach is long decrepit. All of our advice and support is tailored specifically to you and your organisation. Our approach is well structured and efficiently thought out. As you work with us, you will evidently notice results and how we are helping you meet your objectives.

Evident Results. Transparent Costs. Surprisingly Affordable.

We deliver results. That's how you can be sure that your investment is not stewed. We optimize your RoI by continuously supplying results that target your intended customers. We keep our clients informed of progress, changes and plans so they know exactly where, when and how their requirements are being met. Our pricing is transparent. This is crucial part of our ethical business model. We don't add arbitrary consultation, or add-on costs. We understand how important it is that our clients get the best value for money. Our pricing is typically pre-agreed as per contract, so that you exactly know the costs of any service or product in pre-commitment period itself.

We're astonishingly affordable. Our experience has showed us that quality services put off most of people because of their high costs, but our business model is highly cost-effective for our quality services. We're confident of our assertion that you may not find quality services like ours with low costs anywhere else.

Dependable Services. High Quality Standards.

At Maynor Consulting, our Quality, Work Ethics and Output is our USP. We settle for nothing but the best. Each division in our services, has independent Quality Assurance system integrated into it. We personally invest ourselves in building secure, robust solutions for our clients and projects we work on. We follow a rigorous, time-tested benchmarking process to ensure best quality output. We effectively communicate to our clients about what improvements might be needed in a system and how we can build better and efficient ecosystems by working in tandem.

Having acquired deep experience working for various companies across India, we comprehend business channel and the challanges faced by in-house and agency communications teams. We aim at eliminating redundancy, and build productive, integrated systems.

We do more than just deliver a service.

No good organisation can be built without a responsive and helpful tech support, and in service business, more so. We have specialists working as our tech-support team, not generalists. At Maynor Consulting, we believe that first steps to excellent customer service is getting to know your customers and getting to know them right. Our team works with you, researching and understanding your needs, challenges you face, and specific goals that you might have. We also train the human resources in your organisation who will be setting-up and operating the system. We offer a responsive and extensive customer support:

  • Help Desk Support: We start working on issues you mention, immediately as you call. If we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll be at your doorway in no time.
  • On-Site Assessment: Our team gets on face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your problems, and better understand your needs. We work thereon to evolve and fix any issues you're facing.
  • Technology Training: We also provide technology orientation training to your staff so that they can efficiently work and integrate with our systems.


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